Work alongside Captivate Pastors and Staff to develop your unique ministry skills.


If you’ve ever been interested in experiencing the day-to-day ministry at Captivate Church, Internships may be just the thing for you! As an intern you will:

Experience real-life ministry as the curtain is pulled back for you to see what vocational ministry is all about. We want you to see everything.

Learn new specialized skills and receive hands-on training in a fast-paced and exciting work environment.

Gain valuable on-the-job experience as part of a vibrant, passionate church staff

Develop effective leadership skills and grow spiritually through one-on-one mentorship with church leaders.

Make an immediate impact by using your skills to work side-by-side with ministry leaders and volunteers as you help build the local church.


  • Pastoral
  • Creative - Video Production, Graphic Design, Production/Lighting
  • Worship - Worship Leading, Music Direction, Live Audio
  • Youth
  • Captivate Kids
  • Operations
  • Bloom Women
  • MEN
  • Admin

Note: Internships may not be open for every department during any given season.


  • Interns are discipled in both calling and craft
  • Seasonal commitment (Plan, Build, Launch)
  • 4 - 12 hours/week
  • Working on projects to help learn or develop relevant skills
  • Regular feedback from Department Head on projects/tasks
  • Assigned reading
  • Monthly discipleship meeting with Department Head (spiritual health check, assigned reading)
  • Exit interview with Department Head, Caleb and Wesley


  • Gaining valuable, hands-on ministry experience in an area of their interest
  • Real resume-building experience
  • Regular spiritual development with Department Head
  • Added to website as part of the staff team

Start-up Process:

  • Interview with Department Head
  • Complete intern application
  • Take Enneagram and Christian Character Survey
  • Meet with Caleb and Wesley
  • Define responsibilities and expected outcomes
  • Introduce at staff meeting or in staff newsletter
  • Shadow Department Head